Despite their differences, Laura and her half-Spanish stepsister, Camila, come together to search for an ancient pirate treasure. Confronting mysteries from the past and all sorts of dangers, they will discover that the real treasure is not the lost booty but the opportunity to heal family wounds and rebuild forgotten bonds. Script: Marcos Villalón and Guadalupe Yepes … Read more


Elena (40) is an attractive woman who, after a great romantic disenchantment, is convinced that men only serve to complicate her life, and has replaced them with a collection of sex toys. Gerardo (45), the only son of a woman who still treats him like a child, is a successful professional who many years ago … Read more


Genre: Fiction Duration: 100 Minutes Status: On development An upper-middle class woman, married to a powerful businessman closely linked to the army during the dictatorship, puts her own life at risk by rebelling against the forced disappearance of her best friend.A woman screams without a voice. Leaps before looking. Director & Writer: Guadalupe YepesCo-direction: Eduardo PintoCo-Writer: Laura Santoro Awards & … Read more


Genre: Fiction  Duration: 91 minutes Status: Work in Progress Between 1832 and 1834, the English naturalist Charles Darwin visited Argentina. The trip, of vital importance for his later theories, allowed him an interview with Juan Manuel de Rosas. One long night in the ghostly camp, the most powerful man in the Americas south of the Equator, and … Read more


Genre: Documentary Tänzerin threads, from the hand of an exceptional narrator, researcher and dancer, the life of five German choreographers and an Argentine choreographer over 100 years and shows us how the genealogy of a subtle art arrives from Germany in 1940 to Argentina and It is installed by modifying the history of modern dance and … Read more


Genre: Drama Duration: 74 minutes Vanesa kicks Joaco out of the house where they live when she finds that he was unfaithful. They keep seeing each other because they are writing a movie together. He offers her a generous and collaborative friendship where they can help each other artistically, Vanesa doesn’t want to lose him … Read more


Genre: drama Duration: 12 minutes A couple is in a restaurant raffling the future of their relationship, furrowed by mistrust. In this encounter, where both are trapped in a one-sided story, the inside will burst the outside, breaking the fourth wall. Director: Guadalupe Yepes IMDB Awards & Nominations:


Genre: Drama Duration: 9 minutes A man and a woman await. In that awaits a painful past and the imminence of an uncertain future unravels. Directors: Adrián Caetano y Guadalupe Yepes Direction Assistant Celina Font Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes IMDB Awards & Nominations: 15 international awards, including: