Genre: Fiction

Duration: 100 Minutes

Status: On development

An upper-middle class woman, married to a powerful businessman closely linked to the army during the dictatorship, puts her own life at risk by rebelling against the forced disappearance of her best friend.
A woman screams without a voice. Leaps before looking.

Director & Writer: Guadalupe Yepes
Co-direction: Eduardo Pinto
Co-Writer: Laura Santoro

Awards & Nominations:

  • Sundance Laboratorio de Producción
  • Faro José Ignacio Paris – Paris Region (2021)
  • Girona Film Festival Cuba, development section
  • Mecenazgo (2021)
  • Fondo Metropolitano de las Artes (2023)

Material available upon request: 

  • Dossier
  • Script
  • Videopitch