Elena (40) is an attractive woman who, after a great romantic disenchantment, is convinced that men only serve to complicate her life, and has replaced them with a collection of sex toys. Gerardo (45), the only son of a woman who still treats him like a child, is a successful professional who many years ago … Read more


Genre: Melodrama Format: 60×40′ Isadora, a woman who had a seemingly perfect life, loses her husbandand daughters in a mysterious attack perpetrated while they weretraveling on a luxury cruise. She is miraculously saved and manages torecover thanks to the care of a support group and Dario, a therapist whois very concerned about her health. But … Read more


Genre: Melodrama Format: 80×40′ Emily and Alexander see their lives intersect, even though theyhaven’t met each other nor have a decision about it. Theunfortunate death of Alexander’s son leads this businessmanto follow the designs of the intangible. His son speaks to him ina dream and asks him not to stop until he meets his eyes … Read more


Mario Segade is a screenwriter, playwright, theater director, audiovisual director and actor. He has more than 25 years of experience. He has worked in various roles in the audiovisual activity. Mario worked for O Globo (Brazil) between 2014 and 2017, being also Content Director of Oficina Burman (MediaPro) until 2018. Then and until 2022 he … Read more


Screenwriter, writer, traveler. Throughout his career he has worked as author of different audiovisual projects of international scope. He was part of Cris Morena Group’s staff as scriptwriter for the series Chiquititas, (winner of three Martín Fierro awards for best children’s/youth program). For this production company he also collaborated in the scripts of Verano del … Read more


2021 – Screenwriter of Thirteen Women of History, a 13-episode TV series, of her authorship.2018 – Theatrical adaptation of Bill Naughton’s original play, Al?e.2018/16 – Screenwriter of Si Sólo Sí, 8-episode series, T1 and T2, aired by TV Pública. Selected by Prix Jeunesse for the 2018 “Quality – Children TV Worldwide” catalog. Nominated for the … Read more