Genre: Drama

Duration: 74 minutes

Vanesa kicks Joaco out of the house where they live when she finds that he was unfaithful. They keep seeing each other because they are writing a movie together. He offers her a generous and collaborative friendship where they can help each other artistically, Vanesa doesn’t want to lose him and accepts the friendship. Very soon they get caught up in stories full of anger, fear and victimization. Joaco becomes angry and intolerant. Vanes a begins to capture in a short film the experience they just went through. Can Vanessa move the libido deposited in him towards her and go through the anger and depression caused by the break, thus accepting the separation? Will she achieve her full potential in art and thus better understand her reality?

Direction: Guadalupe Yepes

Script: Guadalupe Yepes y Vanessa Robiano

Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes y Patricio Quevedo


Awards & Nominations:

  • Sharm El-Sheik, official selection
  • Festival del Cine Latino Americano di Trieste, official selection
  • Film Optico, art visual and film festival, USA
  • FesCine con Riesgo, Argentina
  • First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, UK

Press Clips:

“The story structure chosen by the director adds a different spice to a trigger that is usually routine in cinema.”

“Guadalupe Yepes knows how to dose the worlds in the troubled head of the character, supported by camera close-ups that gradually bring the viewer into the intimacy of the scenes.”

“… a portrait about pain after love, a script that rehearses a new look on a subject as universal as it is emotional.”

“Guadalupe Yepes builds a film in key in realistic drama about the problem of the loss of love in women, she does it in an intelligent and subtle way. It is also a delicate film, which, by appealing to the poetics of the mise-en-scene, manages to elude the direct underlining of feminist ideology.”

“…a story about the different possibilities that can be achieved to tell the same argument and thus find nuances that express the emotion of the encounters and misencounters in a sentimental relationship. “

“Its great virtue: to question the viewer with palpable situations. The dialogues are very
very accurate. Guadalupe Yepes, in this case, seems to leave in evidence a turning point in her love and personal life that, it could be said, came to life to become a touching concept.
poignant concept.”

“Cut, infidelity, anger, fear, in a captivating film.

“The filmmaker, with a perfect protagonist as Gilda Scarpetta, creates the tense and melancholic climates that move aand melancholic climates that move and even make us smile. Good Alejandro Catalán and the luxuries of Cristina Banegas and Luis Machín.”

“The resource of cinema within cinema is a very good starting point for this story. The film turns out to be an experience where many viewers will feel identified.

“The discomfort and the passage of changing emotions from pleasure to the opposite and darker place is a great work and achievement from the direction. The technical issues accompany with relevance to a film worthy of appreciation, in the meeting of dialogues and images that are intended close to a real conflict.”

“Writing, narration and direction are three areas where Guadalupe finds fertile ground for exploration. Remarkable aesthetic choice in color palette and camera movements.”