Genre: Melodrama

Format: 60×40′

Isadora, a woman who had a seemingly perfect life, loses her husband
and daughters in a mysterious attack perpetrated while they were
traveling on a luxury cruise. She is miraculously saved and manages to
recover thanks to the care of a support group and Dario, a therapist who
is very concerned about her health. But just when it seems she is about
to get her life back on track, Isadora discovers that her husband, an
accountant, was secretly working for a dangerous drug cartel, and that
It was that cartel that ordered his death. With the help of Marco, a
redeemed hitman who is still undercover in this criminal organization,
Ilsadora compiles a list of all those responsible for the assassination
attempt, and using the ill-gotten money hidden by her husband, she
recruits a group of troubled but brave and tough men to take revenge.
As she carries out her plan, she begins to feel a wild attraction to the
hitman, but at the same time she resists being the person she is
becoming. She will have to fight her own demons and decide whether to
finally leave her pain behind and start a new life, as Dario advises her,
or give free rein to her fury and become trapped in a vengeance anda
dark past from which she may never escape…

Created by: Marcos Villalon

Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes

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