Genre: Melodrama Format: 60×40′ Isadora, a woman who had a seemingly perfect life, loses her husbandand daughters in a mysterious attack perpetrated while they weretraveling on a luxury cruise. She is miraculously saved and manages torecover thanks to the care of a support group and Dario, a therapist whois very concerned about her health. But … Read more


Genre: Melodrama Format: 80×40′ Emily and Alexander see their lives intersect, even though theyhaven’t met each other nor have a decision about it. Theunfortunate death of Alexander’s son leads this businessmanto follow the designs of the intangible. His son speaks to him ina dream and asks him not to stop until he meets his eyes … Read more


Lucas clumsily causes an accident that puts him ina wheelchair and from there, he becomes a showman of physical overcoming, but in his private life, he can barely move between his ex-wife, his future girlfriend andhis daughter. Lucas (48) feels himself dying at the very moment his wife Marina(48) leaves him. Not only survives but … Read more


Genre: Drama Format: 13 x 40’x 3 During the filming of a documentary about women’s rights in Argentina and their protagonists, women that inhabit the hostile production set must continue their predecessors’ fight. Authors: Laura Santoro y Nora Mazzitelli Director: Guadalupe Yepes Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes


Genre: Comedy  Format: 26 x 15’ x 1 Hilarious, fun, even absurd and sometimes tender short stories, that revolve around the new world and the new normal, where connectivity, online shopping, and connection are essential to daily life. Humor will be the main narrative device used to tell these stories, which cover different age ranges and social groups. … Read more


Genre: Thriller/tragedy Format 8x45x3 Juliette arrives at the family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. Her last homely meal before leaving to try her luck at an inland town alongside Ángel, the love of her life, who suddenly disappears. Two months later, she meets and unintentionally establishes an affectionate sexual relationship with a corrupt cop, who is … Read more


Gender: Supernatural Format: 9×30’x3 Many people claim to have had some kind of encounter with ghostly apparitions. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night, while everyone is asleep, or in the middle of the day, when someone smells the sweater of that loved one who is no longer there. They may cross paths … Read more


Genre:  Dramedy Format: 8 x 30’ x 3 When an american woman finds herself suddenly tricked into a life in Buenos Aires that she can’t navigate, she seeks help in the expat community and discovers four savvy friends and a world where the law is bendable and prospects are endless. Showrunner: Gabriela Tagliavini Created by: Tara Sullivan, Katharine … Read more


Genre:  Drama/Road series Format: 6 x 40’x3  Four women of very different ages and backgrounds suddenly run away from their lives. On the road, each one of them will shine a light on their burdens, and they will help each other face them. This way, they will transform their lives and forge a relationship they … Read more


Gender:  Religious thriller – Human rights  Format:  6X40x3 Magda was abandoned at birth at the door of an old monastery on the island and there she receives the tumultuous and there she receives the tumultuous Manuel, an aspiring novice. Manuel, guided by a divine by call to these remote lands, believes he will complete the … Read more


Gender: Drama Format: 6×40 After embarking on a string of anonymous sexual escapades, things come crashing down in Maddie’s world. She realizes how disenchanted she is with her life: her long-term marriage, living in a small town, her relationship with her moody daughter, her tedious work, and her absent mother. After going through a crisis, … Read more


Genre:  Comedy Format:  8X40x3 LISA—a neurotic attorney— takes a job at the weird NYC Divorce Hotel because her anger issues have seriously reduced her employment options. The Divorce Hotel’s mission is to guarantee a 2-day affordable divorce for separating couples, and its employees are just as complex as its clients. Lisa will have to deal … Read more