Gender: Supernatural

Format: 9×30’x3

Many people claim to have had some kind of encounter with ghostly apparitions. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night, while everyone is asleep, or in the middle of the day, when someone smells the sweater of that loved one who is no longer there. They may cross paths in the middle of a deserted road, or make themselves heard in a newly inhabited house. Those who are no longer there are still there, trapped between this world and some other, far from us, but simultaneously very close. So close that, at times, we can feel them. They are still attached to their old existences. They have unresolved issues, situations that for one reason or another do not let them leave. Or they simply miss them so much that they are unable to move on, to let go. Some don’t even know they are no longer alive. They wander around, confused, repeating old routines as if nothing has changed, or on the contrary, knowing what happened to them and just trying to make themselves heard. At best, they ask for help. In the worst case, they seek revenge…

An incisive exploration of the bonds and emotions of flesh and blood people who, unexpectedly, are brushed by the mystery of death.

Creaded by:  Marcos Villalón and Guadalupe Yepes

Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes, Marcos Villalón and Blisse Productions

Available material: Biblie