Genre: Thriller/tragedy

Format 8x45x3

Juliette arrives at the family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. Her last homely meal before leaving to try her luck at an inland town alongside Ángel, the love of her life, who suddenly disappears. Two months later, she meets and unintentionally establishes an affectionate sexual relationship with a corrupt cop, who is actually responsible for Angel’s death. Once this shocking truth comes out, Ángel’s entire surroundings will be affected. Juliette’s universe crumbles and, realizing that she lives in a world with no place for justice, she will take this matter into her own hands and murder her love’s killer.

Created by: Eduardo Pinto, Lucila Grossman, and Guadalupe Yepes

Produced by: Guadalupe Yepes

Available materials:

  • Bible
  • Pitch deck