We represent a boutique catalog of films and series content, covering a range of genres. Our selection includes projects for the USA (main and Latin audiences), as well as Spain and Latam territories. 

Guadalupe Yepes – founder, producer, director, and writer- won the prestigious BBC award at the Ventana Sur Market. Her feature films won international awards, as well as support from Kodak and Panavision. She is also a proud member of the Argentine Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences

We are a company that create stories with empathy and edge, that want to entertain and challenge the audience at the same time.



Young producer based in Uruguay. Its creators have been working on movies, from field production, for more than 15 years. They have participated in more than 50 feature films. Nowadays, they produce films and series with young directors, with fresh and unique perspectives, in addition to working with the most experienced and award-winning directors in the local environment.


Producer of innovative, quality content, and with a clear commercial ambition in international markets, located in Gran Canarias.


Argentinian producer of content development for fiction series, feature films and documentaries. It was born from the confluence of award-winning companies with an international reputation and box office successes in search of creating a disruptive author label in the Spanish language.


Founded in 1999, it is among the five main film and advertising production companies in Argentina, strongly developing its activity in the local market. It has an important presence in the international market.


Audiovisual content production company that for 20 years has been dedicated to the comprehensive production of fiction films, documentaries, television series and advertisements. Its contents have been recognized for their artistic and production quality both in Argentina and in many countries around the world.


Company with more than 20 years of experience in the production and exhibition of documentary films and Argentine auteur films. (Note that the web is more spaced from the description than the rest)


Development of original formats and content. From the idea to the screen. Series, movies and documentaries. Branded Content. Production Services.


Film and Services Production Company.
Based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it offers production services.
Volcano Films was founded in 1994. Its goal is simply to offer the best possible service to its clients.


Como el coupage es una fina mezcla de vino, Coupage Productions pretende mezclar los mejores elementos audiovisuales para lograr un resultado armonioso. La pasión por contar historias y la colaboración forman el maridaje perfecto.

Directors and scriptwriters