Gabriela Tagliavini has directed seven feature films and has won multiple awards, such as the prestigious ABC network prize for writers and directors, and has been nominated for “Best Director” at Alma Awards and Imagen Awards in the USA. Her first feature film, La mujer que todo hombre quiere, was selected at the New York Film Festival, as well as Munich, Germany, and Mar del Plata film festivals. She henceforth worked as a writer and director for companies such as Netflix, HBO, Sony, CNN, Viacom, and Disney in a diverse array of projects. She has directed well-known actors such as Mike Tyson, Eva Longoria, Sharon Stone and Blanca Suarez. Her movies have premiered in 190 countries. Gabriela Tagliavini also has a Masters Degree in Film Direction from the American Film Institute (AFI) at Los Angeles. Her last movie as writer and director, A pesar de todo, premiered internationally in 190 countries in 2019 and was the most seen Spanish-speaking movie in Netflix Spain.