2021 – Screenwriter of Thirteen Women of History, a 13-episode TV series, of her authorship.
2018 – Theatrical adaptation of Bill Naughton’s original play, Al?e.
2018/16 – Screenwriter of Si Sólo Sí, 8-episode series, T1 and T2, aired by TV Pública. Selected by Prix Jeunesse for the 2018 “Quality – Children TV Worldwide” catalog. Nominated for the “Diversify TV Excellence Awards” given in Cannes. Nominated by APTRA for the Martín Fierro 2017 as “Best Unitary and/or Miniseries”. Nominated for the TAL Latin America Award. Nominated for the FUNDTV Award. Awarded by INADI Awarded by CILSA. Honorable Mention “Senator Domingo F. Sarmiento”, awarded by the National Senate, (2018).
2012 – Screenwriter of El Donante, a 13-episode series for Eyeworks. Broadcast by Telefé. (Winner of the Contest for the Promotion of Contents for Open Digital Television (TDA) promoted by INCAA. Finalist for best ?ction, TATO Awards 2012). In its debut, it averaged 20.2 rating points, with peaks of 27 points. It came second in its time slot and was the fourth most-watched program of the day (from 2,000,000 to 2,700,000 people in CABA and GBA).
2011 – Lo que el tiempo nos dejó, historical TV miniseries (6 episodes) directed by A. Caetano. Scriptwriter of the Cap Te quiero (I love you) for Underground. Broadcast by Telefé.
2011/09 – Aula 365, Iberoamerican Social Network of School Support for children and teenagers, through the use of web technology.
-Screenwriter of 400 scripts, for Speedy. Telefónica.
2008 – Algo Habrán Hecho por la Historia Argentina, production company “4 Cabezas” Scriptwriter of chapter 11, season 3 “La Patagonia Rebelde”. (The series won two Martín Fierro and the Clarín espectáculos award).
2007 – Las partes del todo, a series about cultural activity in South America. Scriptwriter of the episode “GAE, Pergamino”. Broadcasted by Channel A.


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